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Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. using recycled aluminum and stainless steel components for a low maintenance, long-lasting product. The Arcadia Pivot is engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.

Arcadia's Pivoting system is ideal for any outdoor living area such as patios, decks, lanais, verandas, entry ways, courtyards, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and spas. A variety of colors, materials and finishes are available to compliment any architectural style. Units can be free-standing or attached to existing structures to enhance any area requiring convenient sun weather control.

  • Completely Extruded Aluminum System
  • High Quality Building Materials
  • Color options
  • Integrated gutter System
  • Versatile
  • Green
  • Range of Motion
  • Advanced Technology



We're constantly perfecting our product through applying advanced technology, design, and building highly personalized luxury louvered roofs of extraordinary quality. The only fully extruded aluminum louvered roof system on the market today.

Each Arcadia Pivot system is a work of art, constructed with care and attention to every little detail.

  • Beams
  • Gutters
  • Louvers
  • Louver Pins
  • Cap & Track System

Completely Extruded Aluminum System Built to be Versatile

Gutter System

When our louvers are in the closed position, they create rain channels. With a slight pitch, the rainwater is directed into the built-in gutter system. Our patented gutter corner pieces make installation a snap, while giving the system a distinct elegant look.


Range Of Motion

Industry-leading linear drive system, smooth and efficient. Operate from zero to almost 170 Degrees and stop anywhere in between for complete control over your environment.

Backed by our

Limited Lifetime Warranty



At Arcadia there is a simple philosophy - if it can be done, it will be. Here truly amazing design can be created to meet your exact requirements, however demanding, unusual, or even eccentric. Every Arcadia Pivot system adapts to any architecture allowing for a completely customizable installation.

  • Ceiling FANs
  • Accent Lighting
  • Custom Colors
  • Wood Wraps
  • Custom Columns
  • Retracting Solar Shades
  • Pergola end Cuts
  • Curtains/Privacy Walls
  • Outdoor Heating & Cooling
  • Smartphone App

Express Yourself in Color


Innovation Meets Functionality

The patented Arcadia Pivot system has a full complement of advanced technology both within the system as well as driving the operational controls. Everything is designed to work in unison. The result is fingertip control and a dynamic connection with your outdoor space.

Arcadia Care
Arcadia Care

Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Quick Connect

    Quick Connect

    Installation Improvement Technology

  • iLouver Technology

    iLouver Technology

    Smart Phone App

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  • Sensors



  • Manual Operation

    Manual Operation


  • Motorized drive system

    Motorized drive system

    UL & CE Certified

  • solar Powered or Hardwired

    solar Powered or Hardwired

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We Think Green

Arcadia is proud to continue the company's tradition with its approach to Environmental Innovation. From the choice of lightweight materials and lean production methods to the efficiency of its drive system and designs, Arcadia is committed to operating as a more sustainable business and reducing its overall environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Construction

The Arcadia Pivot system is made up of recycled aluminum making it an extremely Green product. It is also eco-friendly, helping consumers save on passive solar heating and cooling.

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