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  • Boots - Testimonial

    "I love it...That about sums it up!"

    Janice Boots
    Ft. Myers, FL.

  • Hooters - Testimonial

    "Probably one of the best things we could of done for both the building improvement and our bottom line!"

    Peggy Brock - Hooters Corporate
    Clearwater Beach, FL.

  • Arcadia - Waterfall

    Showing off the endless possibilities to customize our system. The Arcadia Waterfall was custom built by a local Arcadia Dealer. (Arcadia does not sell waterfall kits, this video is just a representation to what local dealers and installers can do to our base system.)

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  • Arcadia - To Be Great

  • Arcadia - Open Up The Possibilities

  • Arcadia - In The Rain

    Showing off our rain collection system. The Arcadia System is the only louvered roof that is built to handle heavy rain. The louvers shut to create rain channels that funnel water into our integrated gutter system and down an internal downspout in our column. Pretty Cool, huh?

  • Arcadia - Lights

    Integrated strip lighting inside of our gutter system. Keep a nice white light or go for the changing colors to liven up your outdoor space. Giving you a dramatic effect to the overall ambiance and feel to your Arcadia at night.

  • Arcadia - Rendering

    Check out our cool animations we can do through our fully staffed rendering department. Not only can we show you awesome still pictures of what your system will look like, we can actually bring it to life using advanced rendering automation capabilities.

  • What if... Arcadia Louvered Roofs

    What if there was a place. A place we controlled. A place that provided us Shelter. and Shade. Where we could enjoy the morning Sun and Relax. What if there was a place that could sense a change in the Winds and the Weather. What if there was a place where our spirit could be moved. Without us actually being moved. Arcadia Louvered Roofs. Bring the Indoors Out.